Hospital Bag

Baby’s Hospital Bag

Hey Mama's, My post yesterday went over my hospital bag essentials, ready to be used over the next few weeks. Below I have compiled my list of what I'm taking for my baby boy, if anyone has any suggestions to make of things I can add then please let me know in the comments, I… Continue reading Baby’s Hospital Bag

Hospital Bag

My Hospital Bag

Hi Mamas, I've been working on my hospital bags for quite a chunk of my pregnancy, what can I say I'm organised. The first version was created just shortly into my second trimester and the bags were full of items which I didn't really understand. My current version is more refined after looking up actually… Continue reading My Hospital Bag


Positive Birthing

Hi Mamas, For probably the entirety of my pregnancy I have been solely focused on wanting a positive birth and during my second trimester when people were finding out I was pregnant, I was hearing the same typical negative, terrifying stories about childbirth. This filled me with so much fear and made me feel intrepid… Continue reading Positive Birthing


Join me on my journey – Introduction

Hi Readers, My name is Christine and I am from Liverpool in the UK. I'm a first-time blogger and also a first-time mum. I am approaching 39 weeks and hoping to share my experience of pregnancy and early motherhood. I found that throughout my pregnancy there was never a place where I could find completely… Continue reading Join me on my journey – Introduction